The Coursera platform offers 3,800 free courses


The Coursera platform offers 3,800 free courses

Take advantage of your time on the opportunity to be banned in a wide range of courses for free and with free certificates. As the free Coursera courses are available for a limited time and contain the Coursera platform and of course the courses from the best universities in the world with the best professors.

Courses details:

Study specializations:
Self development
Computer science and data
Business and companies
The language
Basic sciences
For public health
Society and culture science and mathematics
Basic sciences
For public health and luxury

Course Features:

1- No fees
2- The best teacher in the world
3- Free certificate

Selection criteria:

To apply for the Coursera platform courses: All students from all over the world can register and study courses online for free on Coursera

Profile of coursera:

What platform coursera coursera? Corsera is a for-profit educational technology company that provides massive open courses created by teachers from Stanford University. The Coursera works with international universities to offer educational courses through the Coursera interface for the management of educational systems.
A new concept in education has become known as “wide open online courses” and accessible to individuals to learn a variety of topics, companies such as Coursera in addition to those offers with profitable learning opportunities. While you might think it makes sense to focus only on free courses, there are a lot of benefits to investing in paid options as well. You can find online classes that cover tons of topics such as graphic design, computer science, economics, biology and history. Virtually any topic of interest is available at your fingertips. Pros versus the negatives of paid offerings and whether these accessible courses may suit your educational needs.

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