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I often see in students ’boutiques about donating Eldad and others, but unfortunately many are drawn behind this talk without knowing that these scholarships are only available to students who are inside Germany as students and if offices are available to them in their regions and countries and most scholarships for students from the Arab world are For PhD students who super insure it

We advise all students who wish to complete their studies in Germany to apply as a student at his own expense because the tuition fees in German universities do not exceed 1000 euros in public universities and not less than 150 euros in other universities

Of course a lot of people ask, why do I offer the grant, perhaps, and perhaps I get it


Whoever wants to apply for a scholarship for any country should think whether I am a qualified student to obtain it

Is my file really a strong competitor among students in the developed world, such as America, Britain, China, Germany, and others?

If you have another student, I will qualify you. Oh, I am qualified, so cold, my friend, I wish we would be more logical and realistic, even if I have 8 IELTS. The first in the world

You summarize your subject and look at your own expense, and after passing an academic year, make sure, my friend, that you will find many scholarships offered to you, but while you are outside the country of study, this cannot be, or it may be very difficult

Sorry, I went long

I am Dr. Ahmed for those wishing to complete their studies in Germany for the bachelors, masters and doctorates. I pledge to you to provide services to you and assist you in applying without any charges, but the student must fulfill the following conditions:

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High school students or their equivalent. The preparatory year is not studied until after the German language, and the major does not enter the bachelor except in the German language for medical and engineering majors. As for the rest of the majors, programs are available in English.

The student is not required to have a level B1 – B2 in the German language to accept it in universities or to obtain a visa by securing conditional admission in the German language to him, but he is required at the time of the procedures to study the language for the corresponding stage in the German embassy in his country

For graduate students, they can obtain academic admissions in the English language, provided that he has a Bachelor’s degree that has been studied in the English language in the absence of IELTS.

Having the student in his bank account or the account of his relatives, such as his family, the amount of 10500 euros ready for transfer after opening a bank account in the name of the student only in Germany and marking the student’s bank account closed and it is a prerequisite according to the terms of the German government or that he has a German sponsor in Germany able to afford and Undertaking to the student’s expenses, and most likely the student will be rejected at the embassy from this guarantee and prefer the student to the bank account holder to obtain the visa

Please do not inquire about work permanently because this is a provision from God, knowing that the law permits students to work for 1000 hours annually at a rate of 10 euros for every hour worked

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Grant benefits:

Depending on the academic level, a monthly payment of 850 euros for graduates or 1200 euros for doctoral candidates
Payments to cover health, accident and personal liability insurance
Travel allowance, unless these expenses are covered by the country or other funding source
Under certain circumstances, scholarship holders may obtain the following additional benefits:

Required standards:

He works for either a public authority, a government company, or a private company in a developing country, and as such, participates in planning and implementing directives and projects with a focus on development policies that have an impact on technological, economic, or social areas.
Holds a Bachelor’s degree (usually four years) in a related subject.
To have obtained an academic degree with a degree significantly higher than the average results (the higher third) and at least two years of relevant professional experience after the first degree (bachelor) at the time of application.
His academic degrees should not be more than six years old.
Applicants who have stayed in Germany for more than 15 months cannot be considered at the deadline for application

The student has the right to obtain German citizenship if he resides in Germany for a period of no less than 6 intermittent years, and on condition that he obtain a job, pay a work tax for a year, and master the German language, of course

The student has the right to stay in Germany for a period of one and a half years and extends for two years after graduation to search for work

Germany is a federal country, so the laws differ from one city to another and from one state to another, and the laws are changed from one period to another

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