Sudanese company jobs to generate financial and renewable energies


The Sudanese Water and Renewable Energy Generating Company Limited announces its desire to appoint workers in the states at the State Power Plant and Upper Atbara, Khashm Al-Qirba and Jabal Awlia Power Station.

And according to the following conditions:

Obtaining the technical secondary certificate, vocational training / vocational education
That the technical secondary certificate be certified by the Ministry of Education
The vocational training certificate should be composed of the Supreme Training Council


Not less than 18 years old and not more than 30 years old

For the required documents:

  1. Certificate of study successfully
  2. Birth certificate or teething, and that the certificate of teething was extracted two years before the date of the old one
  3. National Number Certificate
  4. The absence of a party or an exemption from national service
  5. A certificate of residence approved by the competent authorities.
  6. Certificate of work experience, if any.

Ali wishing to evaluate the application before August 6

Requests are accepted according to the following locations:
(Al-Muqrin, Presidency of the Sudanese Company for Hydro Generation and Renewable Energies, University Street, south of the Corinthia Hotel Tower – Merowe Dam Power Station, Khashm Al-Qirba Generation Station – Upper Atbara Dam Station and Stabilizer – Rosaires Power Station – Sennarah Generation Station


Examinations shall be conducted at the presidency and stations, and the appointment procedures shall be completed at the presidency after the applicant passes the examinations and the medical examination

The surveys in the presidency and stations start on 9/8/2020 and end on 14/8/2020


The Presidency, the Merowe Dam, Khashm El Girba, Sennar, El-Ruseiris State

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