All of you want to start studying German even if from scratch, you gather here


Everyone who aims to study in Germany or learn German, or any German-speaking country, the Post is for … people who need the German language

A lot of people came to me saying I wanted Materiel to learn German.

First source:

DW website that I recommend myself to DW .. which is a site supported by the German government .. It is an official site and is completely free .. life is easy and the courses are divided into levels A1..A2..B1 and so on .. and videos are divided on the basis of level and they work with you on Hearing, writing and reading skills …
And they have the application of the highest magnificence

Click on the website link

Application link click here

The second source:

Material 8 GB, uploaded to Google Drive

If you want to prepare for a specific exam? Would you like to study German in Arabic? Would you like to study in english? Would you like to study it with pictures? Serials? With cartoon movies? In the audio clips while you are in transportation? I want only a German, so the material will benefit you, God willing!

The link contains material 8 GB, which is uploaded to Google Drive, as follows: –

Menschen A1, A2, B1 Kursbuch + Arbeitsbuch + Transkriptionen + Hören + Unterrichtspläne was written.
— Material Preparation for Exam B1 Exam Book of Solutions So geht’s noch besser + Zertifikat B1 neu. — Glossar Words for levels A1, A2 & B1 including words, verbs and adjectives.

  • Goethe-Zertifikat B1 Prüfung Sprechen Themen Beispiele. — German-Arabic-Arabic-German dictionary, 50 thousand words Langenscheidt, Taschenwörterbuch Arabisch-Deutsch, Deutsch-Arabisch. — 29 records from BBC Talk German on how to talk in different situations in Germany. — 8 videos from Menschen A2 about parking in German.
  • 10 episodes of episodes every hour of the Deutsch Lernen im Schlaf series. — Earworms- Rapid German series consists of 20 records of learning German in English + their Transkriptionen.
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Jojo sucht das Glück is a 33-episode video series from Deutsche Welle.
BBC Muzzy cartoons to learn German in an entertaining way.

  • Glossar German Arabic Delfin.
  • German Grammatik explanation books in Arabic and exercises for them + another book, Deutsche Grammatik für Araber. — File includes the verbs of Akkusativ and Dativ of Pons.
  • A book showing all the races of names (Artikel) in German with all their exceptions + pictures and videos of them.
    A comprehensive file of most German verbs and irregular verbs with their conjugations. — Hören Sie mal’s book contains 119 records of their listening training, their Text and solutions for all exercises.
  • The book “In-Flight German Learn Before You Land” is made up of 18 records that show daily situations in Germany (English-German). — German German Arabic Dictionary Lexicon 363 pages, consisting of pictures of everything you imagine and do not imagine, and the pictures are written on it the names of things in German and Arabic.
    Pons “Learn German Easily” book.
  • Planet Deutsch series consisting of videos of their Transkriptionen Pal, exercises, and questions for them.

To download the material link here

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