Sudanese Oil Training Opportunity (Sudanese Foundation)


Graduate Development Program (August 2020).

Company: Sudapet. Location: Khartoum Headquarters.

A framework for developing and qualifying university graduates, SUDAPET efforts
To localize the oil and gas industry within the social responsibility it adopts.
Sudapet Ltd. announces the availability of opportunities to develop graduates and the training program for the years 2017-2019, provided that the duration of the training program is one and a half years for the following specializations:

Geology: Earth sciences and engineering geology.

Petrol Engineering.
Computer Science and Information Technology.
Business Administration: Accounting – Economic.
Engineering: Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, and Control. Required Documents:

A recent high-quality certificate (upper second or second degree) in a subject of A.
A reputable Sudanese or foreign university.
National number (age limit 25 years).
Updated CV.
4 personal photos.

Required skills and knowledge:

Fluency in the English language.
Strong ambition to build a career within Sudapet.
Participation, participation in extracurricular activities.
Good current and problem skills.
A high sense of maturity and intelligence.

  • A quick learner with an open personality.
    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

important note:

1- Refusal of direct requests.
2- Contact only the shortlisted candidates. Interested candidates must submit applications on or before 8/23/2020

General Terms:

Interested applicants must submit their CVs with full contact information via email
Address [email protected]

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