Online training workshop for youth organizations presented by Erasmus for the year 2020


The European Youth Organization offers an online training workshop for youth organizations where young people from different countries and organizations work to formulate, implement and develop exchange projects that take place through the European Youth Organization. The aim of this training is to introduce young workers to opportunities for virtual exchange through project-based learning and experiences.
The European Youth Organization aims to enhance cross-cultural experiences, develop exhibition skills, and gain a better understanding of specific topics such as:
Online volunteering, youth and sports etc. In addition to developing other skills such as:
Communicate in a foreign language. Workshop features:
Young people will understand the requirements to implement virtual exchange programs in their enterprises.

Young people will gain the experience needed to:

Design and implementation of youth activities to learn from different cultures, digital literacy activities, including the acquisition of online communication and collaboration skills.
Moreover, applicants will participate in an online dialogue session and thus learn about the benefits of including these sessions in their projects.


Age of participation: There is no specific age for advanced submission:
Training: available for young workers
Language: Participation in the program requires a minimum level of B1 proficiency in English.
Course duration: 6 weeks. Weekly commitment: 4 to 5 hours
Experience: No previous experience is required. Trainees must be supported by a youth organization.
Creating and implementing a project is an important part of the course.

Application stages:

1- Complete the initial online registration form and choose the appropriate date for the applicant to start the course.
The submitted applications will be reviewed and the interns will be selected based on their fulfillment of the eligibility criteria and their reasons for applying for the course.
2- The successful applicant will be notified 30 days before the start of the course in the event that he succeeds in the initial registration form, after which the official registration form will be sent to him.
3- Complete the official registration form within 5 days of sending it to the applicant (after this date this opportunity will be presented to another person on the waiting list).
4- The successful applicant will receive confirmation of registration and free access to the learning platform and will then be able to access the course and initiate the required training activities.

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End of submission:

September 13 to October 24, 2020

Explanation of how to apply:

To apply for a workshop, follow these steps:
1- Click on “Application form” from here. Complete the personal information (name – email – gender – nationality – date of birth)
2- Explain the reason for your interest in participating in the Erasmus training program for working youth? From 250 to 500 words
3- Submit your application no later than September 13, 2020

Link to apply in the training

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