The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides a fully funded scholarship at the Islamic University for undergraduate studies


The Deanship of the College of Science at the Islamic University of Madinah is pleased to announce the availability of a full university scholarship for distinguished applicants who demonstrate high potential to pursue their university studies in the fields of basic sciences (physics / mathematics / chemistry)

Islamic University scholarship details for undergraduate study:

Place: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Presenter: The Islamic University
Stages: Bachelor’s
Type of Scholarship: Fully Funded
All students from all countries of the world can apply for this scholarship

Fields available in the scholarship:


Financial Coverage of the Scholarship:

Free airline ticket upon admission, in addition to a free ticket at the end of each academic year
Monthly allowance
An additional bonus for students holding an honors degree
Free furnished housing for unmarried students
Eating at the university restaurant for a small monthly fee
Quality of health care in the university hospital
Free daily transportation to and from the Prophet’s Mosque, in addition to regular organized Umrah trips
Use of social, training and sports facilities at the university

Conditions for admission to the scholarship:

The applicant must be a Muslim of good conduct
That the applicant pledges to abide by the rules and regulations of the university
The applicant must be medically fit
The applicant must pass these tests and interviews
The applicant must have a General Secondary Certificate (GCSE) or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The certificate must be issued by a government school or a recognized private school
The applicant must be available for full-time study
It should not have been more than five years since the certification was granted
The age of the applicant should be between (17-25 years) at the beginning of the study
The applicant must adhere to any other conditions specified by the university administration

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What documents are required:

High School certificate
Behavior Certificate
birth certificate
Passport (if applicable)
Identity card (if applicable)

Important Notices:

  1. There are no offices or agents of the university anywhere in the world to receive applications to study at the university.
  2. The applicant must proceed with the application process himself, and he shall be responsible for maintaining the numbers given to him upon completion of the application submission.
  3. The Islamic University is a scientific and cultural institution that aims to convey the message of Islam through advocacy, university education and postgraduate studies, preparing scientific research, translating and publishing it, and taking care of the Islamic heritage.
    4- Study at the Islamic University in the Arabic language in the theoretical colleges track and in English in the scientific track.
    5- Applying to join the university does not imply any commitment on the part of the university to accept the student unless he feels in writing acceptance.
  4. The information recorded in the application for admission will not be relied upon unless documents proving this are attached to it
  5. The applicant submitting forged documents will be subject to penalty and his admission will be revoked.
    8- The university determines the academic institution for the accepted student after his arrival, according to the university’s regulations.
    9- The accepted student obtains the ticket number from the university’s website, then reviews the airline.
  6. The accepted student at the university has the responsibility to know and follow the study system and the regulations governing it.
  7. All electronic pledges, declarations and warnings in the student’s electronic file are binding on the student as are their paper equivalents, and the student is responsible for reviewing them periodically through the student’s username and password. As well as all electronic transactions that the student performs through his own user.
    12- All pledges, declarations and conditions that the student reviews in this application and is bound by will be included in his file in the Arabic language.
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