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Learn the different English writing styles and aspects of English literature with this free English language course.

Diploma in English Language and Literature details:

Course Hours: 15-20
Certification: Yes
Course: Free.
Number of students: 55 thousand students get the free course

About the Diploma in English Language and Literature:

This free online course in English Language and Literature will give you a fascinating overview of the English language and its cultural treasures.
The English language is not only useful, but also rich in history and literature.
Through this short course, you will learn about some of the most important writers, poets, and theater writers in the history of the English language.
This will be a great journey of discovery, so why wait?
Start learning today.

Our English Literature course curriculum covers the basics of English grammar, effective speaking, and writing. The units also analyze literature focusing on famous authors and poets. These include the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge famous for “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, the American playwright Arthur Miller known as “All My Sons”, and the famous English playwright William Shakespeare. This degree in English language and literature will definitely take your skills away. In English to another level.

People have different writing tastes. With this free online English language course you will learn the different writing structures of comedy, descriptive, mystery, spy, science fiction, educational, opinion, poetry, and contemplation. After you gain an understanding of the different writing styles – including the structure, language, and complexity of these styles – you will learn how to communicate better with your audience by choosing the appropriate style for different situations.

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Improving English language proficiency is always a good thing for young or old people. It not only enhances your personal skills but also your professional development. By completing this diploma course in English Language and Literature, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the English language, and you will enhance your English language skills today. So, check out the course and start gaining that additional knowledge now.

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