The free World Assembly of Muslim Youth granting all majors does not require a language certificate


Do you need an organization to support your studies for any major you want to study or currently study in your country or in any other country!
Study in more than 30 Saudi, Arab, Asian and African universities in prestigious international universities – and among the most prominent of these universities is Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the International Islamic University in Malaysia – the International University of Africa in Sudan – and many other universities – to study in one of these

Grant details of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth:

Donor: The World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

  • Country of study: any of the countries supported by the organization in 17 countries.
    Who can apply: All nationalities from countries of the world.
    Academic stage: Bachelor’s degree “university stage”, master’s, doctorate.
    Funding: Full scholarships and partial grants.
    Number of scholarships: 800-1500 different scholarships.
    Deadline for submission: 12/4/2021.
    Language certificate is not required.
    Submission is free.

About the scholarships of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth:

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth is a non-profit, global Islamic organization that sponsors youth to advance them through specific programs run by workers and volunteers specializing in youth affairs.

  • The number of students benefiting from the scholarship program of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth last year (1441 AH) reached (836) students from (17) countries, studying in (30) distinguished universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other international universities.
  • This came according to the reports issued by the Department of Educational Affairs at the International Symposium, as the scholarship program was able over the past years to achieve great success in graduating distinguished scientific competencies and cadres in many scientific and academic disciplines that had a positive and constructive impact on the beneficiary students.
  • The Global Symposium gives this program top priority and great attention in its educational plans, due to its deep belief that education is the best thing offered to youth and the most informative way for peoples to advance, advance and prosper.
  • The organization offers fully funded scholarships for students wishing to study the undergraduate level – and partial grants for those who are currently studying and in need of financial support such as tuition fees, housing and living, or a monthly salary, etc.
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Available specialties in the scholarships of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth:

(All majors are available) – where you can write the major you want to study when filling out the scholarship file.
The majors of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, computer and information systems, as well as engineering, law, economics and business administration are the most prominent majors offered by the scholarship program for students studying in order to achieve economic, social and cultural development and sustainable development in many countries.

The basic papers in granting the World Assembly of Muslim Youth:

1️⃣. A copy of the ID card or passport.
2️⃣. A personal photo of the student.
3️⃣. Graduation certificate and transcript.

How to apply for the scholarships of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (online):

  • If you are a university student or a high school student, you can choose “high school graduate” and then a new window will appear for you to fill in your personal information (student name, national number or passport number, country, date of birth, gender, mobile number, email and from Then you write 3 desires or specialties that you want to apply to).

As for the attachments:
You will upload (a copy of your identity card or a copy of your passport, a personal photo of you, your high school diploma and upload this certificate in the last 3 boxes – along with writing an explanatory letter explaining the reason for applying for this scholarship and showing your country and that there is no abilities test or achievement test) .

  • If you are a university student and want to support your studies or complete your studies for the organization to finance you, you will choose “current university student”
  • And then you fill in your personal information as clarified and information about your studies and determine the method of support for you for the scholarship, and then you upload the following files and attachments:
    (Personal photo, copy of identity card or passport, proof of enrollment, transcript of degrees, statement of tuition fees for the university in which the student is enrolled).
    Source: Talented Youth Team
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