Perlis University Scholarship in Malaysia without English language requirement 2022


Malaysia is a vibrant and loving country for all visitors and expatriates, especially students, as it offers them many advantages as it is a safe country in which international students live comfortably and safely, in addition to providing them with quality health care. Malaysian universities and government offer many scholarships to international students from different countries of the world annually and in various disciplines and different academic levels.

The Islamic University of Perlis is one of those outstanding universities in Malaysia that offers annual scholarships to international students and is fully funded. This university is characterized by the presence of more than 10 educational programs and specializations in the field of technological engineering, more than 5 specializations for different diplomas, and about 39 specializations for postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Country: Malaysia.
Grantee: Perlis University.
Countries available for application: All countries are available to apply.
Study level: Bachelor’s degree.
Language: Preparatory year.
Duration of study: three years.
Application deadline: December 31, 2021

Funding provided by Perlis University:

Tuition fees are free.
A large monthly salary of 250-350 Malaysian ringgit.
medical insurance.
University housing.
Free English language course before studying.
Pay the IELTS exam fees and get the IELTS certificate for free at no cost to it.

Available specialties:

College of Islamic Studies:
Diploma in Islamic Studies.
Sharia Diploma.
Diploma in Arabic language.
Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies.

College of Quran and Sunnah:
Diploma in Quran and Recitations.
Bachelor’s degree in the Qur’an and the language of the Prophet’s Sunnah.
Bachelor’s degree in the Qur’an.

College of Islamic Commerce and Finance:
Diploma in Islamic Banking.
Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Banking and Finance.
Bachelor of Transaction Management (Property Management).
Diploma in Islamic Property Management.
Diploma in Mosque Management.

College of Business and Management Sciences:
Diploma in Accounting.
Bachelor of Accounting.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
Bachelor of Business Administration(Entrepreneurship).
Bachelor of International Business Administration.
Bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.
Bachelor of Computer Science(Data Science).

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Additionally, you can study:
One year English language course.
One year introductory course.

important note :

This scholarship does not require an English language certificate because it has an English language course for one year for free.

Required Documents :

Fill out the scholarship application online.
passport copy.
The letters of intent work excellently.
High school transcripts.


If you have any questions regarding the grant, you can contact the grant administration via the following e-mail:
[email protected]

An explanation of how to apply with pictures, click here

Scholarship link:

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