Free online photography course for beginners 2022


This course is suitable for teaching photography for beginners, as it explains the principles of photography in a simplified way, the different methods of photography and the elements of a successful image, and then delves into more complex topics such as installing cameras, how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit images during the post-production image editing stage, and how to evaluate the success of images.
Learn how to take a successful photo in this free course from Edraak entitled A technical and technical introduction to the art of photography, starting with the basics of photography and moving to the parts of cameras and how to use different types of them professionally to produce distinctive images, through practical examples and applications.

What you will learn in this course:

Distinguish between the different styles and methods of photography
Comparing the different types of cameras available in the market today
A technical and technical introduction to the art of photography and the principles of photography
Installing cameras, specifically components that affect image quality
The ability to operate and control all parts of the cameras
How to take a successful photo and what are the ingredients and criteria for successful photos
The technical techniques required to take a successful photo under optimal conditions to produce good photos
The ability to evaluate the success of images based on these criteria and apply them to images
Photography for beginners, diverse photography environments and backgrounds
The basics of photography and the skills of using cameras, taking into account the privacy of those environments and backgrounds
How to use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos during post production

Course contents:

Unit 1: Introduction to Photography
This unit covers the history and development of photography and the types of cameras and lenses available in the market today.
Module 2: How to take successful photos
This unit explains the main components of a successful artistic image.
Module Three: Lighting Properties and Color Control
Here you’ll learn about the different elements in a camera that affect image lighting and how to turn these on to achieve optimal exposure.
Module Four: Focusing and Determining the Lighting Needed for the Subject
In this unit you learn about an important aspect of photography, focus, and learn how to manage focus to create artistic effects.
Unit Five: Post-Photography
This unit gives an introduction to rapid image retouching via cell phone and more detail to computer image retouching.

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